Maybe you’ve heard his name, or maybe you’ve actually benefited from his never ending kindness. Maybe you’ve never heard of him, and if that’s the case I want to spread the word. The man I’m talking about is Poughkeepsie’s own Frankie Flowers.

The first time I met Frankie Flowers was earlier this year. I had seen a huge pile of stuff at a long-closed business on Route 9, and I got curious so I pulled in. My first inclination was to take a picture of the pile of stuff and write an article about the “mess”. And then I met Frankie Flowers. He was the man behind the pile.

Frankie explained to me that he was collecting donations for less fortunate people. That anybody who was in need of something could just come by and take what they need. No questions asked, no charge. There were clothes, furniture, small appliances and so much more. My article quickly changed from an article about the mess to an article about kindness.

Fast forward a few months, and now it’s Thanksgiving. For the past several days I’ve been reading about Frankie Flowers on Facebook. Frsnkie is working today. He’s making sure that families in the Poughkeepsie are well-fed on Thanksgiving. He and his volunteers have been getting turkeys, cooking, putting baskets together, and getting them to families that otherwise would not have the kind of Thanksgiving we all wish for.

Frankie Flowers is a selfless man, as was his late father John Flowers. It’s in Frankie’s genes to be so kind and community-minded. So, on a day when we are giving thanks for all of life’s blessings, let’s remember to be grateful for people like Frankie.

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