Music collectors will unite in Danbury, CT this weekend.

Music fans love collecting vinyl. We all had records growing up, and the popularity of vinyl started to decline with the invention of cassettes, compact discs, and eventually the internet making music downloads available. But there has been a niche resurgence for vinyl in the rock music community in recent years.

9.2 million records sold in the U.S. back in 2014, a 260% increase since 2009. Also, sales in the UK increased five-fold from 2009-2014. And the sales just keep increasing.

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Close to the Hudson Valley, just over the Connecticut line in nearby Danbury, the Danbury Record & CD Expo is the premiere record-collecting event of Connecticut since 1997, assembling the best record dealers throughout New England.

Trash American Style is making its big return with the premiere Connecticut record show coming to a new room. This is the first event in over 3 years, the first since COVID.

When, Where, and What to Expect at Danbury Record & CD Expo

The longest-running record show in Connecticut, Trash American Style's Danbury Record and CD Expo, takes place this Saturday, Nov. 5 from 10 am to 4 pm at the VFW Hall 149 in Danbury, CT and it will be a one-day extravaganza with multiple dealers from the Northeast on-site featuring various styles of music-related items like records, cd's, magazines, books, posters, t-shirts, and other new and used rock n roll memorabilia.

Admission is $4 and you can get more info here. VFW Hall 149 is located at 5 Byron Street (exit 8 of I84). Check this cool event out this weekend!

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