If you're the type that likes haunted houses or paranormal stuff, then you may have heard of the legend of Spook Hill.

Spook Hill is in the town of Middlesex, New York, in Yates County. And while this particular "haunted" area is closer to the Finger Lakes than it is the Hudson Valley, it's still attracts lots of people who are drawn to it's freaky history. In fact, it's a place where the laws of gravity and physics don't seem to apply.

To get there, follow these directions from the Haunted History Trail of New York website: 

Follow Route 364 through Potter and Middlesex. Turn left onto South Vine Valley Road. Turn left onto Newell Road. Drive to the top of the big hill and when you get to the top you will descend a little bit. There will be a driveway on the right and then a sign for Spike Road on the left.


The site goes on to say that before reaching Spike Road, and before the driveway on the right, to stop and put your car in neutral.

This is where it gets weird. Once in neutral, people have reported that their vehicles actually start moving uphill, backwards.

Some call this a gravity hill. One explanation is that a gravity hill is simply an optical illusion, where the downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope caused by an obstructed horizon.

Still, some locals say that the a Native American burial site near Canandaigua Lake plays a role in the forces at work. If you're ever out in that part of the state then give it a shot.