When the weather starts to turn cooler, my thoughts start hedging toward food. Specifically comfort food. There’s something about a chilly day and a big plate of food that makes you happy. I love coming in from the cold to the aroma of something cooking in the Crock Pot and the anticipation of eating it. Yup, when the cold weather hits, I need comfort food.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one, and I also knew that my idea of comfort food might be different from somebody else’s. I love buttered egg noodles. And pastina if I’m under the weather. I like a hearty stew and I love mashed potatoes. I put the question out on Facebook. What’s your favorite comfort food? I thought I’d get a few answers, but I got hundreds.A few people love a good lobster, some like a turkey dinner or a hot bowl of soup. But some items just came up over and over, and those are the ones I’m highlighting today.

After going through all of the replies I got on Facebook, I have come up with the top 9 favorite comfort foods of the Hudson Valley. These are in no particular order, but I will tell you that I saw mac and cheese a lot. So, I definitely did not lump that in with other pastas. Ready? And the top 9 are…

The Hudson Valley’s 9 Favorite Comfort Foods

The Hudson Valley's Favorite Go-To Comfort Foods

Do you agree with this list? These seem to be the favorites here in the Hudson Valley, but honorable mention goes out to chicken soup and dumplings and chicken pot pie. What’s your favorite go-to comfort food? Maybe we’ll have to add to the list.

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