Actor Mark Ruffalo and his wife has been secretly operating a shop right here in the Hudson Valley for the past year.

Imagine how foolish I felt, as a Hudson Valley resident, being the only person at New York Comic Con who didn't know that The Hulk owned a store right in my own backyard. Well, that's exactly what happened to me this weekend when I struck up a conversation with some fellow Marvel fans.

Ruffalo was at New York Comic Con to sign autographs and meet up with fans, who apparently know way more about the actor than I do. After talking to a few costumed con-goers about Ruffalo, I mentioned that I was from the Hudson Valley, not far from where the actor lives with his wife in Sullivan County. That's when one of them informed me that Ruffalo also owns a store in the Hudson Valley.

It's widely known that Paul Rudd and Jeffery Dean Morgan are co-owners of Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck, so I thought that perhaps they were mistaking The Hulk with Ant Man. But, no. They were adamant that Ruffalo was a local business owner.

Well, after some research, it seems as though they're right. Ruffalo and his wife, Sunrise Ruffalo, actually own a small shop right here in the Hudson Valley. Sunrise opened a pop-up shop in their hometown of Calicoon a few years ago called Sunny Pop. The success of that store led to the duo opening a permanent store in nearby Narrowsburg last year.

Sunshine, the main creative force behind the business, stocks the shelves with eclectic pottery, vintage clothing, furniture and artwork that showcases her unique style. In November Mark Ruffalo posted a photo of the store's grand opening on his Facebook page, calling Narrowsburg the "greatest little town on the Delaware River.:"

You can visit Sunny's Pop on Main Street in Narrowsburgh. But be sure to check their hours before making the trip, as the store is not generally open every day of the week.