I’m still in shock. I was looking at my Facebook feed yesterday when I saw one of my musician friends put up a post that started with “It is with great sadness…” Well, this cant be good I thought. But it was even worse than I realized.

The person my friend was talking about happened to be another friend, and one of the nicest guys I ever met. Ever.

Papa John Mole has been around the Hudson Valley forever. But he has played with bands wide and far. I probably first met him years ago when he played with the Bill Perry Blues Band, but I don’t really recall. I got to know Papa John over the past six or seven years. He was the drummer in the Piranha Brothers, a band that my boyfriend played in.

I never saw Papa John angry, upset, or even in a grumpy mood. He was always happy to be playing. There were times I saw him have to carry his equipment up flights of steps without complaining, even though I knew it was hard for him. 

Not only was Papa John a great guy, but he was also an outstanding musician. A drummer who could keep the beat without being a showoff. If he had an ego, he sure kept it in check. A talented and humble drummer? Sounds crazy, but that was Papa John Mole. No wonder he was in such demand. And if you had a problem? Papa John was a great listener, and he always made you feel better with a smile and a good wish. Man, he’s going to be missed.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Papa John’s family, but I know he had a wife that he was super proud of, and he loved immensely. My thoughts and prayers go out to Papa John’s family, friends and fans. I know he’s leaving a void that will take a long time to fill. But he’s also leaving a legacy of talent, kindness and humility. That can be rare, particularly among musicians. Rest in Peace, Papa John, and thanks for the great music and the memories.

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