Let me start by saying I love that the Hudson Valley is full of talented musicians. The Hudson Valley is known for its musical history, and local bands work hard to keep that history going. I love that, and I totally support your dream. That being said…

I can’t tell you how often I’ll check my mailbox at work and see a cd from an aspiring musician who wants my opinion. I usually put it aside, not knowing where or how to even listen to it, and eventually… well, I’m not sure what actually eventually happens. The cds get lost? It’s not because I’m not supportive of local musicians, I am. But honestly, my opinion means nothing, and here’s why.

More often than not the cd is from a metal band. I’m a fan of the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, The Beatles. I don’t really know or even appreciate metal, hair bands and really hard rock. I know what we play here at WPDH, but truthfully it wouldn’t be fair for me to give you my opinion on a genre of music I don’t appreciate. Plus, I’m a huge procrastinator so I put many things off until they are long forgotten. Like listening to a cd. It’s not personal, I don’t even make time to listen to my own favorite cds these days.

I love that there are so many talented artists here in the Hudson Valley. I even love that there are musicians that respect me enough to want my opinion about their music. I hate the fact that I know myself enough to know that I’ll probably never get around to listening to it. Do you really want my opinion? Okay, here it is. 

Keep making music. Keep doing what you love. If one person doesn’t love what you’re doing, somebody else will. It’s a tough industry, even in a musically rich place like the Hudson Valley. Make connections with other musicians. And don’t give up. Good luck.

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