You may soon see more Tesla vehicles driving themselves around Dutchess and Orange counties.

Crain's is reporting that new legislation as been introduced that would allow Tesla to open up several new dealerships throughout the state. Dutchess County is on the short list of places where Elon Musk's groundbreaking automotive company is looking to increase their footprint.

If passed, the legislation would be perfect timing for the Palo Alto company's release of the Tesla Model 3, an affordable model that is beginning production next month. Previous Tesla models have cost anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000. The Model 3 is will only cost around $35,000. The more affordable Tesla model is expected to be more popular with Hudson Valley car drivers.

Some competing car companies are against the legislation, saying it puts them on an uneven playing field. Traditionally car companies sell their cars through independent dealerships. Tesla sells their cars directly to customers.

Tesla currently has showrooms in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and other downstate areas. The legislation would allow the company to open potential locations anywhere from Duchess, Orange and Columbia counties all the way up to Buffalo.