A big snow storm is threatening to hit the Hudson Valley right in the middle of the week.

Forecasters are keeping their eyes on a potential whopper of a storm that may leave areas of the Hudson Valley covered in snow.

On Super Bowl Sunday the Hudson Valley avoided what could have been a significant snow event as precipitation fell mostly as heavy rain throughout most parts of the region. We may not be able to dodge the bullet later this week when another big storm sweeps through the Mid Hudson Valley.

According to Weather.com, the forecast is calling for five to eight inches of snow on Wednesday. Right now they show rain in the New York area, with a mix of precipitation in the lower Hudson Valley and all snow north of I-84.

Hudson Valley Weather's estimates are higher, with up to ten inches of snow being forecast for areas north of I-84. The timing of the storm is still being worked out, but right now all indications show that the snow will begin sometime during the morning on Wednesday and continue throughout the day, ending by Thursday morning.

Of course, anything could happen at this point. The National Weather Service is currently only forecasting a trace amount of snow for the same time period. We'll see if they change their prediction later today.