Outside of the university, New Paltz is pretty well-known for its variety of small-owned businesses and restaurants that dot along its Main Street. In the past, major chains have had difficulty establishing their presence in the village.

A new popular fast-food chain has recently been proposed for New Paltz and it seems that the proposal is actually gaining some traction.

New Fast Food Chain Proposed for New Paltz

In a New Paltz Planning Board meeting held on Thursday, May 30th, Matthew Ingber spoke on behalf of applicants Brown, Altman, and DiLeo law firm regarding the proposal of a new fast food chain in New Paltz.

The proposed new chain would be a brand-new Taco Bell at 238 Main Street in New Paltz.

Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign
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This location is currently home to a Burger King. This portion of New Paltz Main Street already includes other chains like McDonald's and Dunkin' not too far from it.

How Likely Is the New Taco Bell?

The most recent pitch to establish a Taco Bell in New Paltz started on October 23rd, 2023, and then another follow-up on March 11, 2024.

Some concerns raised by the board in the March 11th meeting centered around proposed elevation concerns and the traffic impact that the new fast food chain would bring.

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Despite some concerns, Ingber explained that the New York DOT, "approved full movement access" in the area. Since the March 11 meeting, the applicants also had Stonefield Engineering conduct a traffic study, which found that the new Taco Bell, "would not create an impact on traffic operations."

The Planning Board also reviewed a revised visual plan of what the building would look like, with one member stating, "It's much cleaner looking."

The New Paltz Planning Board was satisfied with the edits made to the project since the March 11th meeting. The applicants are still waiting to hear from the Water and Sewer Department but the Planning Board's approval allows the project to be brought before a Public Hearing on June 24th as well as to be brought to the Ulster County Planning Board.

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