Do you have a Senior in your life? Maybe you are the Senior? Depending on where you live, people are categorized as Senior when they become 60 or 65 years of age. Yes, persons that age might not self-identify as a "Senior" but they do become eligible for select aged-based programs.

One of the most helpful places that a Senior and their family can know about and patronize is the Office of the Aging in the New York State County where you live in. There are many programs, and people, whose sole purpose is to help members of our community age gracefully and informed.

What change is the Sullivan County Office of the Aging making for February 2023?

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The Sullivan County New York Office of the Aging, based in Monticello, is sharing with their patrons that they will be changing how you can use their facilities this month.

The OCOA is moving their offices this month, and while they will still be available (as always by phone 845-807-0241 or via email They will not be able to assist persons on a walk-in basis during the transition, beginning February 6, 2023.

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Can you make an appointment with the Sullivan County Office of the Aging for in-person services?

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Yes, you can. In fact, if you would like to take advantage of any of their services, in-person, you will be required to make an appointment first to be helped face-to-face. You can make those appointments by calling the office 845-807-0241 and leaving a message.

Are there other Offices of the Aging in the Hudson Valley, NY?

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Yes, there are. There is one for each county:

What types of services does the Office of the Aging offer?

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There are many services that they offer, depending on the county. Some include helping seniors file for assistance, navigate Medicare, home-delivered meals, and overall advocacy for those who want to still be involved in their community.

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