Multiple Hudson Valley Counties continue to declare States of Emergencies following the influx of migrants in our area.

Sullivan County is one of the latest in a long line of area counties that are experiencing an influx of asylum seekers, which is reportedly, leading to concern for some local residents.

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Bobby Welber and Hudson Valley Post has been on this story, covering it extensively this week. It's a controversial subject, as migrants have been sent in buses from NYC to various parts of upstate New York, including the  Hudson Valley, with many counties claiming they are unable to handle the volume of people.

State of Emergency Declared in Upstate New York Counties

Multiple Upstate New York Counties have declared a State of Emergency. Orange and Rockland Counties declared a State of Emergency last week due to New York City's migrant relocation plan, and more counties can now be added to the list. On Thursday, Dutchess and Greene counties declared a State of Emergency, as well as Sullivan County.

State of Emergency Declaration for Sullivan County

The official Facebook page for the Sullivan County, NY Government posted about the State of Emergency effective at 1 pm on May 18, 2023. The statement went on to explain that the County of Sullivan is experiencing a housing crisis and that the county is not capable of providing housing for those coming from New York City and other local districts.

The imminent arrival of New York City’s local social services district’s clients to the County of Sullivan for the purpose of seeking housing has created this State of Emergency and this situation threatens the public health and the public safety.
This State of Emergency will remain in effect for thirty (30) days or until rescinded by a subsequent order.
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Read the full emergency declaration here, which includes information on penalties for violating the emergency order.

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