Don't shoot the messenger. I'm only relaying the information but apparently a new study claims the state of New York harbors the meanest women.

Researchers used a dating app to find out these statistics. Based on results from an app called Chatrandom, researchers studied how long they could talk to a woman after they've made a connection. Once the connection was made they counted down how long it would take until the woman would lose interest and stop talking.

Shockingly (or not so shockingly depending on who you ask), New York scored number one by a long shot. Women have no patience for wasting their time for lame strangers they meet online. Is a lack of patience really that mean? It's debatable.

Young angry woman screaming at smartphone while chatting with her boyfriend

The average connection in New York lasted about one minute and thirteen seconds. This is just normal, right? What woman would want to talk to a stranger for more than a minute for no reason?

Over on the west coast in California, the women engaged in conversation for almost fifteen minutes.

What's the reason for such a big difference? Does the warmer weather in California bring better vibes? Are New York women just downright mean? Are they just short on time?

Maybe they are no nonsense and they know what they want.

Ladies of New York. I love you. I don't think you're all mean.

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