Stones recently spotted by Route 9 in Poughkeepsie causing a mess.

I was scrolling through Facebook as we often do, and a posting popped up in my news feed that caught my attention. It read The Stones are in Poughkeepsie! with the hashtag #rouet9problems, and at first glance, I was like, what!? The World's Greatest Rock n Roll Band is in town!? And then I took a closer look.

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The posting on Facebook was from legendary Hudson Valley radio broadcaster Mark Bolger, who was over at Hudson Cadillac Buick GMC when he spotted a potential disaster by the car dealership along South Rd (Rt. 9). A truck carrying stones from a nearby quarry had spilled some of its load. Bolger said the mess wasn't there for too long and it was cleaned up pretty quickly.

People in the comment field on Bolger's post were playing off the Rolling Stones thing, with a variety of funny comments.

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It is believed that the truck carrying the load was from either the Tilcon - Clinton Point Quarry or Trap Rock Quarry, both located behind the car dealership and Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall off Sheafe Rd.

From the looks of the photo of the scene that shows the large stones littered about the roadway, it seems that a potential disaster was averted as Poughkeepsie Police were on the scene, closing off traffic to make sure everything was in order.

There were also no reports of injuries or damaged cars that we know of. The truck reportedly returned to the scene to help pick up the stones a short time later.

Rolling Stones "Hackney Diamonds" – Press Conference
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Well, it wasn't Mick and Keith in town unfortunately, LOL, but we'll be sure to go see the World's Greatest Rock n Roll Band in May when they play MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Full tour dates hereIn related news about loose stones or gravel, see why the Hudson Valley roads suddenly have a dangerous gravel problem here.

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