I know a lot of people who are hoping for a white Christmas. But many of them are hoping for only a white Christmas with no other snow for the winter. I’m not sure how likely a white Christmas is, but it’s not very likely that we’ll have a snowless winter. So, the fact that we’re expecting almost spring-like weather next week is welcome news to me. We’ll have lots of time for winter in the weeks and months ahead.

Both accuweather and weather.com are calling for temperatures to be in the 50s, maybe even hitting 60 next week. We’ll see a hint of it tomorrow when we have temps in the low 60s, but with rain. Then Monday through Wednesday of next week, they’re calling for mixed sun and clouds with temperatures all 3 days around 50 or in the low 50s. We could actually see 60 on Thursday and upper 50s on Friday. Not a bad-looking week for December in the Hudson Valley.

In fact, if you peek ahead to Christmas week things look pretty calm, at least until a few days before Christmas, which is as far as the forecast goes right now. Of course, things could change at any second with the weather, but as of now, it looks like we’re going to be snow-free for a little while. 

If you’re the snow-loving type, never fear. It’s a safe bet that there will be plenty of snow headed our way this winter. After all, it is the Northeast. Spring-like temperatures for a week in December? Yeah, I’ll take it.

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