Drivers may want to keep their eyes open for SpikeBoarders. The sport is starting to gain popularity in the Hudson Valley.

SpikeBoarding is a cross between skateboarding and paddle boarding. Dan Bowen is a SpikeBoard instructor who teaches his students how to handle the equipment and navigate the roads of the Hudson Valley while learning this new sport.

SpikeBoarders are equipped with a board and a skateboard spike, which is similar to a cross-country ski pole. The rider powers themselves with the spike, which makes them look like one of those gondola riders in Venice, only they move much quicker and don't wear that fancy scarf and hat.

Bowen has posted several videos to his YouTube account of beginner SpikeBoarders practicing around the Pawling area in Dutchess County. The instructor claims that the Village of Pawling is "an exceptional" area to SpikeBoard because of its terrain. In a description to a recent YouTube video, Bowen says Pawling has "a sweet high side low side triangle loop perfectly suited for intermediate to advanced SpikeBoarding."

From the looks of it, SpikeBoarding is a great alternative to those who want the ease of getting around on a skateboard, but crave more speed and control.

If you think you might want to try out SpikeBoarding for yourself, you can visit Bowen's website to learn more about the sport and his instructional classes.