A giant rock impossibly balancing on smaller rocks in the Hudson Valley is said to have mysterious powers.

The boulder is called "balanced rock" and has been attracting an underground cult following for years. Some say the rock has ties to an ancient past while others believe that it's a beacon for visitors from outer space.

What we do know is that the 60-ton rock is composed of granite, which doesn't match the geographical features of the area. The magnetic field around the mysterious boulder has also been measured at high levels that are up to 50 times larger than other nearby areas.

So if this huge rock doesn't belong here, how did it wind up precariously balanced on smaller rocks? Some believe that supernatural powers may be at play, but geologists point to glaciers as a more reasonable explanation. Science describes a phenomenon like this as an "erratic." It's believed that glaciers carried the enormous rock to this spot and when the ice melted it landed where it is today.

Historians have also theorized that the formation may be a dolmen. In ancient times dolmens were Celtic ceremonial stones used to memorialize the dead. Others believe that the boulder holds magical powers, and some even blame the rock for a cluster of UFO sightings in the area during the 1980s.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Balanced Rock was included in a posting called Secrets of the Hudson Valley from the New York Department of Economic Development. The site is a popular tourist destination and is easy to find just off the Pawling exit on I-84. Follow 121 South for five miles to the town of North Salem until it turns into Titicus Road. Balancing Rock is located on your right next to a small barn and sign.

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