No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Well, in this case, maybe butts. If you've ever been to New Paltz, then you might be familiar with the Putt Corners Road intersection off of 299/Main Street. The busy road runs north to south, parallel to the New York State Thruway. If you make the turn south by the Sunoco, it will take you by the Hampton Inn, and eventually past the New Paltz Police Department, and New Paltz High School.

The Putt Corners road sign really stands out as you're traveling in and out of town, and has become an easy target for vandals through the decades. All it takes is a little bit of white spray paint, and the P in Putt can easily be turned to B. Well, it happened yet again. If you've been in town, then you probably noticed that South Putt Corners has once again become Butt Corners. We're not exactly sure when this all happened, but it did and it's actually quite funny. At least we think so. It warms the heart to see the young minds of the world wield their magic in such creative fashion.

In other slow news, a listener sent us this pic of some beloved hair extensions chilling in the parking lot outside of Target in Newburgh. We are still uncertain to how it ended up so casually left behind in a crumpled mess like this. Maybe someone upgraded and no longer needed it? Was there an altercation of some sort, and the owner had it ripped off of their head? A strong gust of wind perhaps sent it sailing? It is indeed a mystery that's left us wondering. If you or someone you know lost their extensions recently, then we might have found it. Chances are, you probably don't want it back though because it's been lying in a parking lot for an unknown number of days. But if you do, please contact us.

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