If you haven't ordered your Thanksgiving turkey yet, you may want to do it now.

Experts are warning about a possible shortage of smaller sized turkeys that could leave Hudson Valley families scrambling to fill their Thanksgiving tables this year. The New  York Times recently published findings from a survey conducted by Butterball that suggests families will not be gathering in large numbers this year. Instead, 30 percent of respondents said they would be celebrating with just immediate family members, a number that was just 18 percent a year ago.

What this means is that those small, 8 to 10-pound turkeys could be in high demand. Then again, some families may opt not to even have a turkey at all. If grandma and grandpa aren't coming, immediate families could just decide to take the year off from big celebrations and just go with a turkey breast or other alternative dishes.

Christmas Poultry Sold At York Auction
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One thing that's almost certain is that those giant birds that feed dozens of family members won't be nearly as popular this year as they usually are. In an informal poll conducted on The Boris and Robyn Show, a high percentage of WPDH listeners called in to say that they would not be celebrating Thanksgiving with as many family members as they usually do.

Many families have also been holding off on ordering their Turkeys in advance, which means if you're looking for a small, fresh turkey you may be out of luck if you decide to just head to the store the week of Thanksgiving. Of course, you could always opt for a larger turkey and just spend the next month enjoying endless turkey sandwiches, soups, casseroles and other leftover dishes.

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