Newburgh resident, Bill Forte, presents his evidence that he says is a "smoking gun" that proves the existence of UFOs.

Earlier this week we shared some footage that went viral of Forte's live skywatch over the Hudson Valley. Some criticized the evidence, saying that it wasn't very credible. According to Forte, that video is just the tip of the iceberg.

On Thursday's episode of The Boris & Robyn Show, Forte presented what he believes is undeniable proof of the existence of UFOs. He showed us footage that he took on September 18 of 2014. Using a night vision camera, Forte recorded the object at around 9pm.

Forte says he witnessed the object swoop down, illuminate and swoop away quickly. The lights, he believes, are caused by propulsion used to make the object move with such rapid acceleration.

What do you think about Bill Forte's evidence? Do you think it proves the existence of UFOs? If you're a believer or want to learn more you can visit Forte's YouTube channel, Facebook page or listen to online radio show that discusses UFOs.