A 9 year-old-dog is looking for his forever home after spending a long time in a local Hudson Valley animal shelter.

Dogs Spend Over 400 Days at DCSPCA

Back in March we were introduced to 4 dogs that had been living at the Dutchess County SPCA. While it was great that theses dogs were in a safe space, they unfortunately had been there for quite some time. Each of the dogs we met were at the Hyde Park animal shelter for over 400 days.

Thankfully, shortly after the story was live on our website, we heard back that most of the dogs were adopted out and found their forever families. However, it looks like one is still waiting.

Sherman Still Searches for His Forever Home

In March we learned that 9-year-old Sherman had been in the Dutchess County SPCA for 2 years. He's a big fan of the outdoors, lounging around and humans! With that being said, it looks like Sherman is still looking for his forever family.

Dutchess County SPCA, Instagram
Dutchess County SPCA, Instagram

Earlier this week the Dutchess County SPCA shared some adorable photos of Sherman on their social media accounts, describing him as a "sweet, goofy, fun" pup who is "loved by all who have gotten to know him."  The DCSPCA writes:

Sherman has been waiting for a long time to go home. We don’t understand why since he’s such an adorable charmer. If you're in search of a faithful furry companion to love and cherish, look no further than Sherman.

Isn't that what everyone is looking for when they get a dog? Man/Woman's Best Friend? If you're looking for a pup to add to your family and Sherman sounds like he would make a great addition, visit the Dutchess County SPCA website and fill out and application.

Dutchess County SPCA, Instagram
Dutchess County SPCA, Instagram

DCSPCA Teams Up With NBC For New Campaign

While sharing Sherman's story, The Dutchess County SPCA adds that they have teamed up with some pretty big names for a great cause. They'll be working with NBC and Telemundo on the Clear The Shelter campaign.

Since 2015 the Clear The Shelter Campaign has "successfully homed over 860,000 pets."   This amazing campaign has successfully homed over 860,000 pets since its inception in 2015.

Learn more about NBCs Clear the Shelter Campaign on their website. 

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