Ugh, it looks like something out of a scary movie. I understand that nature is very important and we all have to coexist together, but sometimes it gets a little too close. Snakes are one of my biggest fears and I try everything in my power to avoid seeing them. However, one Hudson Valley resident had an encounter with a LARGE snake and was able to calmly tell us about it. I would have passed out numerous times already after this whole encounter and would have needed a few drinks. Also, any ideas about what kind of snake it is?

Slithering through the Hudson Valley:

R. Coschigano/Canva
R. Coschigano/Canva

Ugh, I'm going to have nightmares about these pictures for a while. According to the resident, THIS SNAKE was slithering along outside of his condo complex in Fishkill, NY. First of all, it's huge! Imagine walking outside and seeing that?

Safe relocation of the snake:

R. Coschigano
R. Coschigano

The resident said he was able to safely remove the snake, with the help of his neighbor who had a long pole with a hook. Again stressing the word safely, they were able to pick the snake up with the hook and put it over the fence. Phew

What kind of snake is it?

The pictures were posted in a local Facebook group and other residents had some thoughts and ideas about what kind of snake it is. A few people said a black rat snake, a black racer snake, or just a black snake. Either way, no thank you.

More snakes in the Hudson Valley:

Lately, there's been a lot of snakes in the Hudson Valley. Maybe we are just noticing them more because the warm weather is finally here, but here's a snake that's pretty big and was photographed swimming in Orange County, NY. If you are out exploring the Hudson Valley and see a snake, here are some ways to tell if it's venomous. The size of their head, pupils and color can tell a lot about the snake and if it's dangerous. I'm going to let someone else look at all that.

If you have encountered more snakes or have any guesses about what kind we are talking about, let us know on the station app.

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