There's always going to be those folks who want to make a quick buck at anyone's expense. Even during a pandemic, it appears. We've heard all the warnings about ingesting hand sanitizer, or the various COVID-related phone scams that have been floating around this year. This one takes the levels of ridiculousness to new levels. Imagine wearing an "air freshener" around your neck that can magically ward off Coronavirus?

Some are calling them Virus Shut Out Cards. The NY Post is reporting that a group of scammers were busted for allegedly pushing a bunch of cards that you wear around your neck to keep COVID away. The scammers even boasted that the devices would not only stop COVID-19, but were so effective, you wouldn't even have to wear a mask.

Basically, snake oil.

The Post says the group referred to the magic, cure-all, anti-COVID things on their Facebook page as "portable space disinfection and sterilization” devices. This sounds like one of those emails from a so called Nigerian prince one of your older relatives would forward you back in the day. The scam allegedly went down by phone and online from April to June, according to a complaint. Acting U.S. Attorney Seth DuCharme wasn't amused. He said in a statement:

The brazenly false claims allegedly promoted by the defendants about their product potentially endangered the public not only by claiming to protect against the COVID-19 virus, but also by exposing users to the health hazard posed by a misbranded pesticide.

Officials say the cards would let off chlorine dioxide, which is a bleaching agent and a pesticide. The Post says that the defendants are charged with conspiring to distribute and sell one or more pesticides that are not registered with the EPA.

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