A last-minute casting call has been announced for the feature film being shot in the Newburgh area starring actor David Arquette. Casting agents are seeking Hudson Valley talent for a variety of background roles but you must be SAG eligible. The movie in production is currently untitled.

Anyone interested should email HBGCasting@gmail.com with a photo, location, and what role you'd like to audition for. Talent should have their own transportation to the Newburgh centric shoot.

On Monday, August 26th the following roles need to be filled:

  • 3 bystanders, aged 30 to 50 Irish/Italian looking men or women.
  • 3 workout types, men or women 20's through their 40s.
  • 8 Irish/Italian looking Men 35 to 45 for a tackle football game. There will be no tackling, just light moves across the field.

On Tuesday, August 27th the following roles need to be filled:

  • 10 pedestrians aged 18 to 80, all ethnicities.
  • 5 neighborhood kids Irish/Italian looking 18 to play teenagers
  • Retirement party attendees, men and women, aged 30 to 65 Irish/Italian looking.

On Wednesday, August 28th the following roles need to be filled: 

  • Basketball players to play a pickup game, Irish/Italian looking. Must be able to play a pickup game.
  • Doctors & nurses, all ethnicities aged 35 to 55.

On Thursday, August 29th the following roles need to be filled:

  • Best man. Irish/Italian looking aged late 20's to early 30's. Measurements must be 36 Regular or 42 long to fit our tuxedo.
  • Bridesmaids. Irish/Italian looking aged late 20's to early 30's. Must be a size four or size six to fit the dress.
  • Wedding attendees. Irish/Italian, looking all ages.
  • 4 basketball players. Aged 18 to play teens, Irish/Italian looking.

On Friday, August 30th, the following roles need to be filled:

  • Paramedic. Any ethnicity, aged 25 to 50.
  • Pedestrians. All ages, types, ethnicities.
  • Neighbors. Irish/Italian looking, aged 35 to 75.

So, that's a lot of roles to fill. Who's in?

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