Summer is coming to a close, and the WPDH Summer Concert with Deep Purple and Judas Priest is this weekend. Which got me to thinking. What was my favorite summer concert ever? At least out of the ones I remember, because I did grow up in the 70s, so there’s a lot I don’t remember.

We could see Neil’s eyelashes. Well, maybe not, but we could see his eyes.

Back to my favorite summer concert. It was at Bethel Woods, which is a really cool venue because of its history as the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. And it’s absolutely beautiful, set in the Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County. It’s 106.1 WPDA country.

Anyway, we got there and we went to the will call window and found out that our tickets for actually the second row. They were first row, but first row is second row. (I guess the friends and family row doesn’t count.) We could see Neil’s eyelashes. Well, maybe not, but we could see his eyes. And what a show it was. Neil came out by himself and sat at the piano and did some acoustic stuff which we loved. Then he got up and pick up his guitar did more acoustic stuff including an awesome version of Cowgirl in the Sand. He was joined by Promise of the Real which is a really good band that includes Willie Nelson son Lucas, and his son Micah was also in the band that night.

(Just a side note: Lucas and Micah were both characters on the old 1950s and 60s TV show The Rifleman, so we're pretty sure that Willie Nelson is fans of The Rifleman, though it could just be a coincidence. I am a big fan of The Rifleman, so I kind of hope it’s more than coincidence.)

Back to the concert. It was a beautiful summer night we ran into people that we know and love. It was just a perfect night and a perfect concert that I will always remember. Neil Young, second/ first row at Bethel Woods, the best concert ever. And you? What was your best summer concert?

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