Let's not act like we all haven't been here before. It can conceivably happen anytime you are behind the wheel and it's usually because of other drivers around you but it  only takes one other driver to do something so inconceivably dumb that one can find themselves in a fit of road rage.


One such road rage incident like this occured over the weekend in Yonkers but quickly escalated to an even higher level of anger. The end result being someone needing medical treatment and other individuals being taken into police custody.

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Road Rage Violence in Yonkers

Now usually during fits of road rage a normal person will throw around a couple swear words directed at whoever it was that caused such a rage, maybe question their mental capabilities and call it day. Maybe if you're feeling especially angry, you'll do a little tailgating and get close enough that you might as well be looking eye to eye via a rearview mirror.


Most road rage incidents end before violence erupts but that was not the case in Yonkers over the weekend. On Sunday night March 3,2024, Yonkers Police were called to the scene of a road rage incident that turned violent on Park Hill Avenue.


According to reports from News 12, police were alerted that one person at the scene had been stabbed following the road rage event becoming violent. When police arrived they found the victim who had been stabbed and that individual was taken for medical treatment. As of Sunday night, that individual was listed as being in stable condition.


Officers on the scene then quickly gained control of the scene and began an investigation. According to the reports "...everyone involved was in custody as of Sunday night". While the exact number of individuals taken into custody is unclear currently, that statement would imply that there indeed was more than one arrest made at the scene.

Road Rage Investigation Continues

As of this writing the entire incident is still being investigated by law enforcement and there are many questions that still need to be answered. For starters, while the road rage incident evolved into violence, it is not clear what or who specifically triggered the event to begin in the first place.

Police barrier tape at crime scene

Speaking of who, at this point no names of any individuals have been released regarding all of those who were part of the incident. No names also means that currently any potential charges against the arrested parties are unknown at this time.

WPDH will continue to monitor the investigation as it unfolds and provide new information if or when it becomes available.

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