Can we just learn to share the roads? A bizarre road rage incident in New York state has lead to assault and harassment charges for two of the individuals allegedly involved. Officials say a baseball bat was a part of incident. Yikes.

WHAM reports that it all started Friday night in Greece, New York when a 28 year-old woman got into it with another motorist on the road. While WHAM does not give details how exactly the confrontation started, we know the woman returned to her own vehicle, grabbed a knife, and allegedly stabbed the front tire of the other person's car.

But she wasn't done. The 28 year-old then returned with some backup; a 33 year-old make friend, who, according to WHAM, allegedly struck the other driver and the passenger with a baseball bat.

WHAM says the wannabe Aaron Judge was charged with Assault 2nd degree Petite Larceny, for stealing the bat used in the assault. The tire stabber was arrested for Criminal Mischief for puncturing the tire and for Harassment 2nd degree.

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