Teddy, the dog has been on a remarkable journey. A journey that comes full circle after 7 months on the run and the observant Orange County community.

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recover, right outside of the Hudson Valley in Blairstown New Jersey, is well known in the tri-state area. They are experts at reuniting lost dogs with their families. They write on their Facebook page that they are "Committed to reuniting lost dogs with their families. Monitoring, surveillance, and capture. We capture the “uncatchable”."

With that being said, the team at Buddha Dog Rescue shared an incredible story on their account back on Friday, January 21st. They had been getting reports, from the folks at Pets Alive in Middletown, of a dog running alongside I-84 eastbound in Middletown.

The Rotisserie Rescue

Buddha Dog Rescue jumped into action and headed out to recover the wandering pup. They explained back on Friday:

When we got to the area of the last sighting this morning, I spotted fresh tracks, these were not from two days ago, these were new and definitely dog prints. I followed the tracks for over a mile in the snow leading me to a farm where low and behold he was hiding a big open barn. The owner of the farm said he had been on their farm for two days but they couldn’t get close. I quickly set a trap and within minutes he smelled the yummy rotisserie chicken and made his way out of the barn and into the safety of my trap.

The dog, named Teddy, was rushed to Catskill Animal Hospital where they found that he was microchipped. Thankfully, they were able to find his family (who cried tears of joy over the phone when they were contacted).. this is when the story takes an incredible turn.

Teddy's Story

Teddy was rescued by a family in Washington DC. The family saw on Instagram that Teddy was at a kill shelter in California and was scheduled to be euthanized. The family drove from DC to California to bring him home. A month later, on June 19th, 2021, Teddy ran away while he and his family were in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The family  had been looking for him ever since.

If you do the math, Teddy was missing for 7 months. According to Buddha Dog Rescue Teddy traveled 80 miles within that 7-month time frame.

While Teddy is doing okay, he is recovering from a few injuries. Buddha Rescue shares:

Teddy has a long road ahead to recovery. He has a fractured sacrum, ballistic fragments in his back limb (he had been shot), hip dysplasia, Lyme and anaplasmosis. His family is amazing and committed to his recovery and rehabilitation.

Teddy was safely reunited with his family over the weekend and you can watch the emotional reunion below:

You can learn more about Teddy's story and his recovery on his GoFundMe account. If you'd like more information about Buddha Dog Rescue & Recover you can find them online at Buddhadogrescueandrecovery.com.

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