If you were loving the 70 degree weather we experienced a couple of weeks ago, you'll want to hear what's ahead for the area. While Wednesday's forecast is calling for more mild weather in the upper 50s, with a chance for showers, the temperatures are expected to warm up to near record levels by the end of the week. Might be time to bust out the shorts and head outdoors.

Hudson Valley 12 is reporting that highs Thursday are expected to be in the lower 70s, as clouds will depart the area by the afternoon. Hudson Valley 12 says that the all-time record high for March 25 was 70, set in 2016. Friday could be even warmer, with highs approaching the mid 70s, according to HV 12 (Hudson Valley Weather has us at around 70 for Friday). The record high for March 26 was 76 degrees, which was set all the way back in 1963. We stand a very good chance of breaking those records on both days.

Keep in mind, the Hudson Valley is a very big area, so the temperatures can vary a bit from one town to the next. Could some parts of the lower Hudson Valley actually approach 80? The possibility is certainly there, according to some of the meteorologists. This will bring us to the final days of March, which saw mild temperatures and very little precipitation across the area. Initially, some extended forecasts had called for colder than usual temperatures to persist through early April, and even the chance for snow through the spring.

We had previously reported that while the month of March was fairly calm, the snowy and bitter cold pattern we saw in February could actually impact the weather as we approach the coming months. AccuWeather says by May the jet stream will move further and further north, as high pressure builds over the center of the country. This is where strong cold fronts and severe weather form in the spring time and then move east. AccuWeather says that areas of the Northeast could be a target for severe weather by then, as the storms gain strength when they move into areas of clashing air masses.

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