Hard to believe it's the second week of March and we're talking about temperatures nearing 70. Temperatures most of this week have been above average, as the high in Poughkeepsie Tuesday was a mild 61 degrees. It's especially hard to fathom all this after one of the snowiest and most miserable Februarys in recent memory. But, most weather outlets are predicting that the highs across the area could actually exceed Tuesday's numbers, as warmer winds from the southwest pick up. Ready for spring?

The Weather Channel is forecasting mostly sunny skies across the area Thursday, with highs around 66 degrees. Hudson Valley Weather is calling for slightly warmer temps, with highs around 67 or 68. Of course, we live in a big region, so while highs might be a bit cooler in the Catskills and higher elevations, some areas in Westchester, Rockland, or Orange counties could easily hit or pass the 70 degree mark Thursday afternoon, if you are traveling to New York City Thursday, there's a good chance it'll top 70, with the city trapping in every bit of that warmer air.

The huge double whammy of a snowy winter plus a pandemic has lead a lot of Hudson Valley residents to become a bit stir crazy, to say the least. It's a sure bet that parks and walking areas will be crowded Thursday, as many will head outside to catch some much needed sun and warmer temperatures. But, while the beautiful weather will have everyone feeling optimistic about spring, more normal March-like temps will return by the weekend, according to forecasters. Highs Saturday and Sunday will stay in the mid 40s, and the extended outlook is calling for 40s for highs into most of next week.

Enjoy it while you can. Don't out away the jackets and winter clothes just yet.

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