it feels like it's rained almost every weekend for months. Meteorologists say that rain will persist on and off through the weekend across the Hudson Valley, and New York state. But while early Autumn brought many consecutive weekends of wet weather, the month of November was mostly dry.

How Much Rain Has the Area Had So Far? 

It may feel to some that it has rained almost nonstop since early summer? According to NOAA records, posted at Extreme Weather Watch, the most precipitation that Poughkeepsie, NY has ever received in a single calendar year was 62.0 inches in 2011.

According to Extreme Weather, Poughkeepsie has seen approximately 43.1 inches of precipitation through early December 2023.

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The average for the year is around 47 inches, according to Best Places. So while it appears that it has rained way more than normal, records indicate we're pretty much average, given that we experienced a dryer spring.

Rain And Mild Weather Return 

The Weather Channel says that rain will arrive late Friday, and last through the earl part of the night. Lows will stay in the upper 30s, as rain should taper off towards morning. Saturday will be mild, with highs well up into the 50s, under cloudy skies.

But rain will return by Saturday night, and last through most of the day Sunday. Highs will reach the mid to upper 40s Sunday, with rain on and off through early next week.

Hudson Valley Weather says that some areas in the higher elevations could see some periods of snow, though nothing is expected to accumulate.

Temperatures should hover in the 40s for most of next week, according to TWC. Weather Spark says that Poughkeepsie's average high temperature for early December is in the mid 40s

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