Business for law enforcement has been running at a frantic pace over the last few months in Orange County. Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler, has made a number of announcements recently detailing all of the latest investigations and arrests made by law enforcement in addition to the sentences levied down upon suspects for recent incidents.

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One of the latest announcements came late last week when DA Hoovler announced that a native Georgia man will be serving time in one of our New York jails for an incident which occurred last Fall right in Newburgh.

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Georgia to New York Narcotics Details

The announcement from DA Hoovler came via press release which can be read on the Orange County Government website. In the press release, it was stated that the initial event occurred sometime last Fall when New York State Troopers stopped a vehicle traveling on I-84 in Newburgh for "...various violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law".

Google Maps
Google Maps

Troopers upon stopping the vehicle gathered the drivers information and successfully  identified him as 34-year old Nicoy Murray of Decatur Georgia. After identifying Murray, Troopers discovered that Murray was driving on a suspended license.

Upon learning about the suspended license, Troopers immidiately called for the vehicle to be impounded. Later after the vehicle had been impounded, a routine inventory search was conducted which is where the real discovery was made.

Unspalsh-Jose Fontano
Unspalsh-Jose Fontano

During the inventory search, officers discovered approximately one kilogram of cocaine was recovered from the vehicle. The press release would go to state that when Murray returned to court for plea proceedings on November 15, 2023, he openly admitted to "...possessing in excess of four ounces of cocaine".

Cocaine powder in plastic bag with a packages

Sentence Against the Accused

Officially Mr. Murray was charged with the crime of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree. Individuals charged with this crime in the state of New York would normally find themselves in quite a bit of hot water if found guilty in a court of law, but it appears Mr. Murray's forthrightness and honesty in admitting his own guilt played a role his sentencing.

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A guilty verdict for Possession in the Second Degree in New York can land someone in jail for life but Mr. Murray recieved a sentence of only five (5) years in prison. The minimum sentence in NY is between three to eight (3-8) years. After he has served his five years, Mr. Murray will begin serving five years of "post-release supervision".

The press release concluded with DA Hoovler speaking about how getting drugs off the streets starts with "proactive policing" and that the sentence issued in this case should be a deterrent for anyone contemplating "...engaging in similar behavior".

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