What goes up must come down.

The eighth-grade biology class at Poughkeepsie Middle School knew that their science experiment would be exciting for them, but they never imagined that they would make headlines in a small Connecticut town.

Poughkeepsie teacher, John Garesché, led the experiment with his class during the last week of class before the summer. In front of the entire school, the eighth-graders launched a massive weather balloon carrying two eggs, a camera and a tracking device. The experiment was supposed to send the eggs into the stratosphere to measure the impact of colder temperature while recording images of the curvature of the earth.

The balloon reached 114,000 ft before exploding and falling back down to the earth. According to the Town Times of Connecticut, the balloon finally came crashing down in the backyard of the Watertown police chief. Officer John Gavallas removed the balloon and its contents from 60 feet in the air with the help of a tree service and contacted Poughkeepsie Middle School of his find, Garesché drove 45 miles from Poughkeepsie to retrieve the project so he could bring it back for the students to review.

Amazingly, both eggs arrived back in Poughkeepsie without a single crack.