I had a good bad experience with the Poughkeepsie Post Office yesterday. Earlier this week it occurred to me that it was already Jan. twenty something and I haven’t gotten mail since last week. Not my mortgage bill, not my Central Hudson bill, not anything. Granted, I don’t get mail every day, but those bills should have arrived days ago. It also occurred to me that I haven’t seen our regular mail person lately. In fact, I did notice a substitute mail person, but not anywhere by my house. Hmmm. Something is going on.

So, I called the post office, and after about a hundred rings, I actually got an answer and got to talk to a real person. How refreshing. I told my story, and the woman on the other line was very nice, made a few notes and said she’d let the supervisor know. Fast forward a couple of hours, and I see a mail person on my porch putting mail in my mailbox. Yay! Wait… not so fast. One was a political flier and the other was a bank solicitation that I’ve been pre-approved for a loan. No mortgage bill, no Central Hudson bill.

So, I get back on the phone to call the post office again, but this time it just rang until it disconnected. That went on for a couple of hours. But I decided to try one more time, and a guy named Thomas answered. So, I tell him the whole story and how I finally got mail but it’s not the missing mail. I liked this guy Thomas. We figured out that the replacement mail person may not have realized there was a simple latch on my gate, and maybe that’s why she wasn’t delivering it. Thomas said he would talk to the mail person, try to locate my mail, and make sure it gets to me. We’ll see.

I’m not yet sure if the Poughkeepsie Post Office was helpful or not, but they were very nice and at least pretended to care. And I’m grateful for that. Will I get my mail? I’m not sure. In the meantime, I better get on the phone to my mortgage company and Central Hudson. I’ve got bills to pay.

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