A local law firm is suing Home Depot, claiming that they participated in deceptive marketing practices.

Have you ever used Home Depot's paint and primer products and realized that they didn't actually cover up in one coat? James Sultzer and Adam Gonnellli of the Sultzer Law Group in Poughkeepsie say you're not alone.

The local law firm has started a class-action lawsuit against the Home Depot on behalf of their clients who say the paint did not live up to claims made by the store. According to Legal News Line, the lawsuit is asking for monetary and punitive damages as well as a correction of the company's advertising practices.


Home Depot paint, which is still for sale at the store, says on the label that it is an "advanced stain-blocking paint and primer:" The package also claims that Home Depot offers a "one-coat hide guarantee." The lawsuit alleges that the paint does not actually adhere to surfaces without a separate primer being used first. It also claims that the paint falls short of their promise to cover in just one coat.

The Home Depot did not respond to our request for comment. If the lawsuit is successful, customers will most likely be offered a rebate for items purchased or a coupon for future paint purchases.

We want to know if you've used a paint that promised one-coat coverage. Did it live up to the claims or did you have to use more paint than you thought? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.