A popular Chinese restaurant in the City of Poughkeepsie recently closed its doors, and a new restaurant has opened in its place.

Living in the City of Poughkeepsie for some years now, you know that there are plenty of great options for Chinese food. I love my Chinese food! When I had a place over in the Luckey Platt building, I had a favorite go-to for years that happened to be right across the street. It was not only convenient, but it was some of the best Chinese around.

Yummy Asian Cuisine

I often would grab Chinese food to go from Yummy Asian Cuisine at 313 Main St. in Poughkeepsie. Sometimes I'd even have dinner with friends there before a rock show at The Chance down the street. Whether it was the General Tso's chicken, beef in garlic sauce, or shrimp in garlic sauce, along with some dumplings, the food was always on par at Yummy Asian Cuisine, and I was never disappointed.  As I was walking down Main St. the other afternoon, I noticed that Yummy was no more.

Ginza Sushi and Cajun Seafood Has Arrived

Ginza Sushi and Cajun Seafood. Photo Credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Ginza Sushi and Cajun Seafood. Photo Credit: The Rutigliano Archives

I was surprised to see that in place of Yummy Asian Cuisine was now Ginza. I was sad for a second because I thought about my fond memories of Yummy, but my sadness quickly turned to excitement! Being that I love sushi and all seafood, this looked like a win for me and many other residents in the area. And free soda? C'mon!

I stopped in and talked to the woman at the register who I can assume may have been the owner, and I asked what happened to Yummy Asian Cuisine and she informed me that the business had been sold about a month ago, and it is now Ginza. I politely asked for a menu and assured her that I'd be returning soon to check it out. Being just a few blocks away from me, It's nice to have another food option in the city. We wish the owners of Ginza Sushi and Cajun Seafood all the best and much success.

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