A popular Poughkeepsie area bagel shop has permanently closed, with no explanation.

There are many popular bagel shops throughout the Hudson Valley area, so there is no shortage of great bagels, but it's always sad to see one unexpectedly close.

Back in April, we reported about Bagel World in Kingston, NY was closing its doors, seemingly without explanation. Now another popular shop is no more.

attachment-Rudy's Bagels Mr. 70's

A recent posting on social media from area resident Paul DiMarco seemed to indicate the closing of Rudy's Bagels in the Red Oaks Mill Plaza, in the town of Poughkeepsie.

A Google search for Rudy's Bagels in Poughkeepsie lists the business as permanently closed. The last posting from the business on their official Facebook page was in March of 2021 advertising upcoming Easter specials. We can only speculate that perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic had something to do with another popular business not making it, and having to close its doors for good. But who knows? A posting on Yelp from a Carolyn F. on June 12 reads:

"THE END OF AN ERA. My son took a Sunday "bagel-run" to l learn that today, June 12, 2022, Rudy's is closing. SAD day for Bagel lovers in the Red Oaks Mill area of Poughkeepsie. My bagel-cravings have just gone to H3LL, but we wish the owner well."


The official Rudy's Bagels Facebook page described the business as a family-owned and operated bagel shop/deli open 7 days a week, always at 6 am. They offered breakfast and lunch, and an assortment of pastries. All their lunch sandwiches were made with Boar's Head cold cuts. 

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