Recently local police were successful in apprehending an individual in possession of an illegal firearm. This arrest was another in line with a new disturbing trend that has been a hot topic lately.

The weapon retrieved by police after apprehending and arresting the suspect was a firearm but this firearm was different from your usual gun. It was gun created via a 3D printer.

amphotora from Getty Images Signature
amphotora from Getty Images Signature

Important Details in Port Jervis Arrest

The incident at hand occured over the weekend where local law enforcement found themselves in a foot pursuit with the suspect Noah McCagg. Once apprehended, police found McCagg in possession of a loaded 9mm pistol. An investigation revealed the gun was made via a 3D printer at the home of McCagg.


Further investigation by police revealed that McCagg was in possession of multiple 3D printed guns which were taken from his home in Port Jervis. Following the arrest McCagg was charged with multiple weapons charges and was then arraigned in the City of Port Jervis Court where he is expected to return wednesday. McCagg already is the owner of a felony record and the current charges against him could carry up to 15 years in prison.

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Major Issue with the Threat of Ghost Guns

Not to state the obvious but we all know that illegal guns of any variety are not a good thing. These particular guns obtained from the home of McCagg represent a new phenomenon and this phenomenon is that of the 'ghost gun'. Ghost guns in terms of crime represent a new great threat.

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These ghost guns are highly involved in the drug trade. They are popular to those involved in the drug trade because they are entirely untraceable. The guns do not have serial numbers and essentially are made to avoid all gun laws. Also stating the obvious but people acquiring these weapons are not going through background checks.

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Police are still conducting their investigation of this case. While numerous weapons were already confiscated from the McCagg home, police are trying to determine whether or not more guns were created at the home that are not in their possession currently. If so, the next step would be to determine what happened to those guns.

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This arrest and case is just one of many that have occured hear in the Hudson Valley in recent time. It represents another element and difficulty for law enforcment and the efforts made to get a handle on crime in our region.

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