After closing their restaurant in Chester, NY over the summer, a popular establishment has new digs.

I happened to stumble upon a posting recently on Facebook from friend Stephen Keeler (Owner of Rock Fantasy in Middletown, NY) where he was checking out a brand new restaurant in the area. Its always great seeing new businesses popping up around the Hudson Valley, so I decided I needed to look into it.

The Sweet Onion Brewhouse was a popular restaurant located at Colonial Lanes in Chester that announced back in June that they would be closing their doors due to circumstances beyond their control, and that they would be looking for a new location. The restaurant was described as a place for delicious food, amazing beers and unique cocktails all with an incredible atmosphere with local sourcing according to the business Facebook.

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The Sweet Onion Brewhouse Opens New Location

The Sweet  Onion Brewhouse just held a soft opening at their new location at Quinnz Pinz in Middletown, NY.

The restaurant announced on their Facebook page that they were slowly beginning to open to the public and that they would be open this past Wednesday and Saturday, demoing the new menu.

It's great to see that The Sweet Onion Brewhouse found another location that happens to be in another bowling alley, and that they were also able to stay in Orange County. We wish them all the best and much success.

TLC show 'American Chopper' Orange County Choppers Headquarters in Newburgh Abandoned & For Sale

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.
In 2003, a father-son business reality show hit the Discovery Channel. It was called American Chopper and it followed the custom motorcycle building business of the Teutul family out of Newburgh, NY. Paul Sr. owned the shop with sons Paul Jr and Mikey working in the business. There was a slew of cast and characters. The center of the show wasn't just the amazing custom motorcycles built for celebrities and others, it was the volatile relationship between Sr. and Jr. The show ran for 12 seasons before the two could no longer get along. It ended up in lawsuits and the two not talking for ten plus years. In the past few years, the business moved to Florida. This left the 61,000-square-foot headquarters for sale and abandoned. Take a look at what remains of Ocean County Choppers.