Sometimes even the best of places can’t get through the hardest of times.

That was certainly the case with so many restaurants here in the Hudson Valley during the global pandemic. Restaurants that have been around forever closed their doors, restaurants that were just getting started when covid hit also found themselves having to make some tough decisions. 

It’s been a rough time for local bars and restarants, and hopefully the worst is over, but many are still feeling the effects. I was sad to read that Lis Bar on Foxhall Avenue in Kingston would be closing their doors. This Monday, March 28 will be the last day they’ll be open. A great neighborhood place with fine food and drinks, and everybody always spoke so highly of Lis Bar.

So Why is Lis Bar Closing?


The restaurant business is a tough one. All-consuming on its best day. But add the stresses of a pandemic, and it starts changing your life. Running a restaurant takes time away from your family, can be financially draining, and when it affects your life too much, it’s time to get out. The owners of Lis Bar created a beautiful restaurant and amazing meals. They became part of the community. Their customers love them and they love their customers. But it’s time to move on.

We were happy to hear that the folks at Lis Bar will still be very much a part of the community, and we wish them well in the future. Thanks for bringing Lis Bar to Kingston, it will be missed.

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