A local restaurant described as "Chipotle on steroids" is opening up another Hudson Valley location.

Crazy Bowlz has been gaining such a huge following at their flagship location in Kingston, that the Asian Mexican Grill has decided to branch out with another location. According to their Facebook page, the restaurant is working on a second location in the Rite Aid Plaza in New Paltz that is expected to open next month.

Crazy Bowlz offers rice bowls, but unlike that other national chain, they come in both Mexican and Asian flavors. In addition to the rice bowls, the restaurant offers stir noodles bowls, salad bowls and noodles soup bowls. In addition, customers can also get other Mexican and Asian inspired dishes like tacos, quesadillas, pad thai and bibimbap.

Crazy Bowls posted a photo of the new restaurant on 32 Main Street in New Paltz next to Burger King. The picture shows the company's sign already erected over the doorway. Crazy Bowlz says the exact grand opening date hasn't been scheduled yet, but once renovations are complete they will announce when doors will open.