It's usually a good idea to wait until a car stops moving before getting out of it. Police in New York state say the individuals from the following story may have had plenty of reasons to want to escape however, even if that meant putting their own safety at risk. Now, police in this New York state town are asking the public for help finding these bumbling bandits.

Security camera footage from a Ring device clearly shows the video of a white car going down a neighborhood street. Fox 5 reports that two of the four suspects can be seen falling out of the moving vehicle, before continuing their escape on foot. So, why were they running? Police say they match the description of suspects who had fled the scene of a shooting May 3 in Utica.

The two suspects, who had exited the vehicle, can be seen running around in circles in a lost and disoriented manner. One of the suspects, wearing a yellow hoodie, appears to be limping after jumping out of the moving car. The limping suspect can then be seen going back towards the street to possibly look for something. The suspect slowly jogs back in the other direction again, and picks something up for the lawn. Finally, you can see him turn around yet again and run back towards the vehicle as it moves out of camera range..

The car was later found abandoned, according to Fox. While this alleged escape may be a bit nerve wracking, at least the car didn't hit a house. That's what happened last week, as WHAM reports that an alleged drunk driver went off the road and struck two parked cars in the town of Clarkson. The driver's off-road adventure ended when they and the vehicle they were operating went smashing into a nearby house. WHAM reports that the impact even caused a gas leak after a gas meter was damaged after the crash. The driver suffered minor injuries, according to police.

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