You can imagine some of the crazy calls law enforcement receive on any given night. Now, a call about a vehicle crashing into a house is not necessarily something you hear all the time, but it certainly does happen. Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies say this was the case Thursday night when a car went off the road and struck a house in New York state.

WHAM is reporting that an alleged drunk driver went off the road and struck two parked cars in the town of Clarkson Thursday night. The driver's off-road adventure then ended when they and the vehicle they were operating went smashing into a nearby house. WHAM reports that the impact even caused a gas leak after a gas meter was damaged after the crash. The driver suffered minor injuries, according to police. There is no word if anyone was in the house at the time of the crash.

Police say that the driver has been been charged with a DWI, though there is currently no word just how much they had had to drink.

Again, if you're going to go out to drink, please have someone else take you home. Ending up parked in some stranger's living room is no way to end the night. But there was one New York state man who allegedly took it step further in March, as the Chautauqua County Sheriff says that the man was actually charged with a DWI on his way to a DWI Impact Meeting in Ashville, NY. WENY says that deputies determined that the man was drunk while registering for the class right there in the facility. Officials say that the man's BAC was near twice the legal limit. Guess he failed the class.

Drunk drivers are just another thing you have to be on the lookout for when you travel the roads of New York state. A new list of the 5 Most Dangerous Roads in New York reaffirms what many already knew. But did you know that the top two roads on the list run through the Hudson Valley? And while the most dangerous road is known for its rich history and stunning scenery, it can also be quite deadly. According to Only in Your State, the 104-mile long road was the scene to 2,080 accidents during just a three-year period.