In a bit of odd news from across the state, that doesn't have anything to do with viruses, riots, or hurricanes, a 35 year-old man is in a little bit of trouble. Police say the man is accused of theft, though what he allegedly stole isn't necessarily the first thing you'd think of.

WENY says the heist went down Tuesday, as New York State police were called to a gas station in Southport, N.Y. Police say the 35 year-old Elmira man allegedly ran off with $278 of flashlights from the Aces and Eights gas station.

The man wouldn't get far however, as state police were contacted and told that someone matching the description of the flashlight stealing suspect had been found by Elmira City Police for an unrelated matter.

WENY says the man told police he only had two flashlights left, and has sold the others. Seems enterprising. Either that, or he has no electricity at his home? Perhaps he was looking to start his own rave? WENY says the man was charged with petit larceny and issued an appearance ticket.

Least it's flashlights we're talking about here and not fleshlights.

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