After working for a full day, this guy just wanted a break. But when his request was denied, did he take things way too far? This story first popped up on Reddit a little while back, and now has many people across the internet talking. What would you have done in this situation? Could there have been another way to handle it? Or did these stingy hosts get what they deserved? Keep reading.

A Reddit user, who worked as a dog groomer, shared the now-viral story about being asked by a friend, who was getting married, to be their wedding day photographer. The man had taken pictures of the pampered dogs he groomed for his clients, and then uploaded the pics on social media, but he had never shot a wedding before. But he says his friend was in a financial bind, and needed a favor. He agreed.

So, according to his story, he agreed to shoot the wedding for $250. When the big day arrived, the photographer says he ended up working all day from 11am to 7:30pm. This included driving around with the bride to a number of locations. But you'd think they'd let him  break for a short while just to grab a plate of food and some water? According to him, the answer was no. This was his friend he was filming for to? But when he asked the groom (the friend) if he could take a 20 minute break, he says his so-called buddy told him either to be the "photographer or leave without pay". Ouch.

Apparently, the groom was in no mood for questioning, and stood by his decision. So, according to the photographer on Reddit, he took the nuclear option and wiped out the entire day's worth of photos. Many on Reddit seem to be taking his side. Was he a prick for doing this? Perhaps. Of course, this story could be mostly exaggerated, or total bulls**t all together.

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