The Police In Concert
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A petition to get the members of the Police to return to Poughkeepsie 40 years after their disastrous concert is starting to take off.

In just a few days almost 500 people have signed a petition to get The Police to return to Poughkeepsie. But it's going to take a whole lot more than that to make it happen. WPDH listeners have been sharing the link that is proposing a "do over" of the 1978 concert that only sold three tickets.

Police With Police
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Back then, no one knew who The Police were. A freak rainstorm and scattered power outages also kept most people from attending the show at The Chance on October 23, 1978. With the 40th anniversary of the show on the horizon, The Boris & Robyn Show is attempting to get the band to return to Poughkeepsie for another shot at packing the house.

Without support from the Hudson Valley, the petition won't do much. But if enough people share the link and sign the petition we can at least get The Police, Universal Music Group and The Chance to consider the reunion show.

So who's with us? If you'd like to see The Police return to Poughkeepsie, be sure to share this page and sign the petition. Who knows? We may actually make this dream become a reality.