Road signs like these are used to warn drivers and pedestrians about lane closures, or maybe something about bridge work ahead, or something about your basic traffic delays.

This particular sign in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was used to convey a very different message, and the message has peoples' opinions split.

It appears someone who wanted to make a political point (or maybe had too much time on their hands) tampered with a New York City Department of Transportation sign and changed the billboard to say...

F*** Trump. Politics, gotta love it.


To see the sign, Click HERE

The NY Post says the sign appears to have been changed late Wednesday. So anyone passing by the corner of Eagle Street and McGuinness Boulevard, near the Pulaski Bridge, was in for a bit of a show.

The Post says a DOT rep claimed the sign was switched back by Thursday afternoon. The representative said the sign belonged to a contractor.

Some pedestrians interviewed by the Post feel that the act was unnecessary and inappropriate, regardless of how you feel about the Present, while others just laughed. Some even stopped an took pictures to post on social media.

According to the Department of Transportation's website, the Pulaski Bridge is closed to vehicles, pedestrians, and and cyclists until September 7 for renovations.