A 5K race being held in New York state almost had to deal with quite an unwanted surprise Saturday.

Officials say they had to stop a woman who they claim attempted to drive around a barricade, that was set up to keep drivers off a closed road. Luckily, this quick thinking from authorities prevented an allegedly intoxicated driver from driving straight through the ongoing race.

New York State Woman Allegedly Tried to Drive Through 5K Race

WROC says that the It’s a Wonderful Life 5K was almost interrupted when a woman tried to drive around a barricade that had been set up to block off closed roads. The Seneca Falls Police Department says that a 66-year-old woman tried to go around the barricade as the race was still going on.

A firefighter on scene was able to stop the woman before she drive into the race, says WROC.

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Offcials did not indicate if the driver was simply disoriented, or if they just ignored the barricade in front of them. WROC says that an investigation showed that the woman was drunk behind the wheel.

Police said that the woman, who is from the Albany area, was arrested and charged with DWI, driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of above .08%.

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Police Say New York State Man Drove Drunk, Crashed Three Times

 The Rochester Police Department told WROC that a man was driving drunk when he hit a parked car Sunday evening, before driving off towards a nearby intersection. Police said the man then rear-ended another vehicle at a red light, which sent it crashing into a poll.

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Not content, police say the suspect then took off from the second collision, only to hit a curb and fence at a parking lot.

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Police say the two people in the vehicle that was hit from behind were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials say the suspect, who they describe as a man in his 30s, was arrested.

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