This is what happens when the person delivering your food to your home gets too hungry. Or maybe they just don't care. One York County, Pennsylvania man found this out he hard way. And all he wanted were some ribs.

The NY Daily News is reporting that the man used a delivery service called DoorDash to order six ribs from Dickey's Barbecue. What he got instead were four, and says even the remaining ones had bite marks on them.

The jilted customer told NBC News:

It’s just crazy I don’t understand people why they would do something like that. It’s somebody’s food. You pay for that you expect to get it.

The unidentified delivery driver even had the audacity to bring he leftovers to the man, after chowing down on  NBC says that DoorDash reimbursed the man his money, but did not comment on the hungry driver they employed.

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