A trip to a Washingtonville pizza shop and a lost wallet makes for a feel good story.

We've all had it happen to us at one time, if not more than once. We're out and about at a restaurant and we accidently leave our wallet behind. Its the worst feeling in the world next to losing your phone. All the credit cards and other important documents contained in that wallet, perhaps also a large sum of cash. Will the wallet ever be returned? If so, will the cash still be there where it was left? Fat chance, but we can hope can't we?

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A Pennsylvania man by the name of Jordan Devita recently took to a Washingtonville Community Facebook page to tell the story about a recent trip to a pizza shop and losing his wallet. The private Facebook group called Washingtonville Community Page has 6 thousand members and its a page for discussion about the Washingtonville, NY area in Orange County. We reached out to Devita about what had happened and he recounted the story to us.

My co worker Tom and I work for CR Wolfe (a heating and air condition company out of Middletown, NY). After deciding where to have lunch that day, my co worker Tom suggested F&J Pizza located in Washingtonville, NY. He mentioned it was the best pizza around. After having some lunch, it truly was the best pizza I’ve ever had in NY. We left F&J Pizza to locate to our next job and I called my brother concerned about not knowing where my wallet was. He suggested that maybe I had left it behind in F&J Pizza and I told him there was no way! I have never lost my wallet before. Somehow F&J Pizza found my wallet and called my work office to tell me that they found my missing wallet!!! I was very surprised they found my wallet but also that they immediately took action on getting it back to its rightful owner. We were not in there too long so I am grateful they were vigilant in spotting something a customer left behind. I am thankful because I had an uncashed check that was going towards my car payment and about $160 in cash and of course my immediate thought was whoever finds my wallet will surely take what’s inside. When I went back to retrieve my wallet, I was filled with gratitude to learn nothing was missing out of my wallet all because it fell into the right hands. The staff was beyond kind and happy they were able to help find the person it belonged too. I am so thankful for Julia who was on shift and her boss for their integrity. I have never had something like this happen so it was very cool to see there are still people with honest souls. Thank you F&J Pizza and to Julia!!!

-Jordan Devita

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How amazing is that! To have the wallet returned along with the uncashed check and $160 in cash? Unheard of in this day and age. Great to hear that Jordan got his wallet back intact. Now the only thing left to do is to go try this pizza from F&J Pizzeria, which is supposedly the best pizza around!

The posting in the Washingtonville Community group had over 500 reactions and over 70 comments at the time this article was published. See a screenshot of Jordan Devita's post below, where he tells his story and also encourages people to go t=some pizza from F&J Pizza. He also includes a photo of a very tasty looking slice.

attachment-Jordan Devita Pizza
A slice of pizza from J&F Pizza of Wshingtonville, NY. Photo credit; Jordan Devita
A slice of pizza from J&F Pizza of Wshingtonville, NY. Photo credit; Jordan Devita

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